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About Us

About Us (3)

Our Mission

Progressive Quality Care takes pride in our excellent customer service and quality of care. We strive to deliver compassionate care to each person we touch; this philosophy helps everyone feel like family. Our staff inspire healing and hope, to promote the highest level of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.



Shaul Flank


Eitan Flank


Carl Holbrook

Executive Director

Tyne Esarey

Corporate Director of Operations

Jessica Gore

Corporate Director of Business Development

Bill Meyer, RN

Corporate Director of Clinical Services

Dan Shiller

Corporate Director of Financial Operations

Josh Shivak

Corporate Information Tech

Patricia Gonzi, RDN, LD

Corporate Director of Nutrition Services

Barb Lehman, BSN, RN

Corporate Nurse

Karen Stier, RN

Corporate Nurse

George Hawke, RN

Corporate MDS

Corporate Compliance: 833-977-6422.

The above number is for Corporate Compliance Only. This is not a contact number for sales soliciting or a way to reach corporate members.


Contact Us

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If you wish to have one of our representatives contact you, please fill out the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Progressive Quality Care

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